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Thursday, April 17, 2014

BlackBerry BBm

BlackBerry was once in a similar situation. Evolving from the pager they grew to support email first, then BBM. By 2006 they were an incredibly popular handset manufacturer with an incredibly popular messaging service attached to their platform. And those two things, their handset popularity and their messaging popularity, were inextricably linked.

By 2010, however BlackBerry's handsets had fallen behind iPhone and Android. There was talk of BlackBerry taking BBM cross-platform but nothing ever came of it. They were seemingly afraid that if they let their messaging system go, their users would go with it. It wasn't apparent to them at all that their messaging business could surpass their handset business. That BlackBerry as a company could be valued at around $5 billion and WhatsApp, a cross-platform clone of BBM, would one day go for $16 billion. So BlackBerry waited. They waited until many of their users had moved on and only then did they take BBM cross-platform. And instead of a position of strength and dominance, they find themselves fighting to survive.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

bbm for android download

BlackBerry has updated its BBM apps for Android and iOS - with the firm adding features and support for additional devices.

bbmfor android download

BBM will now work on iPad and iPod devices running iOS 6 and iOS 7. The app also improves language support and allows users to search their social network accounts for friends who are using BBM.
The Android edition of the app now supports BBM Contact Categories, allows users to port contacts for social networks and fixes issues with high battery drainage.
Despite BlackBerrys struggles in the smartphone market, the firm has proved there is still demand for its BBM service with the as the app was downloaded 20 million times in the first week by Android and iOS users.
The smartphone maker claims that it now has 80 million people actively using the BBM service, although this is still someway short of the 300 million users of existing cross-platform service Whatsapp.

Andrew Bocking, executive VP of BBM at BlackBerry said he was happy with the numbers, but the firm will now focus on providing more services.
“From here on out, we will focus on active users of BBM and will no longer focus on simple download numbers," he said.

BBM is available as a free download in the Google Play market, Apple App Store and select Samsung App Stores. However, due to high demand for the app BlackBerry has been limiting access.
Users who signed up at BBM.com, will get a headstart and should be able to use BBM on their Android or iOS device immediately. Those who didn't sign up will have to register and wait for an email before they can activate the app.

bbm for android download

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